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Romantic Hero Stillness

An icontest for all romantic heroes...

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Header by kf_creations
Layout sheet by refuted

Welcome to hero_stills! This is a fortnightly icontest community for non-animated icons featuring a variety of Romantic Heroes. I'm your mod, vanilla_pixie.

Contests will feature any leading man from a variety of 'romantic' stories. This includes the traditional romantic hero (Mr. Darcy, Mr. Rochester, John Thornton, etc), the modern hero (Mark Darcy, James Bond, etc), the fantasy hero (Aragorn, The Phantom, etc) and the rogue that we all lust after despite ourselves (Heathcliff, Willoughby, Guy of Gisborne, etc).

Suggestions always welcome, and encouraged - here.


Big thanks to quebelly for creating the whole stillness thing!



Banner-maker: kf_creations

Please don't ask for posting access - only the mods need/get posting access. :O) But please feel free to friend/join!

1 // No icons can be animated - this is a stills community after all!
2 // Submissions are to remain anonymous. Do not use your icon or post it until the banners have been awarded
3 // Icons must be newly created - no using icons that were made previously!
4 // No telling your friends to vote for you. It's just rude, and where's the fun of winning if you cheat?!
5 // Do not vote for yourself.
6 // Icons must be compatible with LJ limits - 100x100 pixel size and 40kb file size
7 // Please don't take any of the contest icons without the creator's permission. If you'd like to know the creator after a contest has ended please ask.
8 // The number of icons to be made per challenge will be stated on the challenge post
9 // If you submit an icon, you must vote, but obviously not for your own!
10 // There may be challenge specific rules posted when the challenge is posted

-> You must be a member to enter. You do not need to be a member to vote, but anonymous voting will not be counted.
-> Upload your icons somewhere that permits hotlinking.
-> Post your entry to the challenge post in the comments. All comments will be screened so only you and I will see your entry.
-> When responding with your submission, please include the img src and URL as shown below:


Voting & Results
-> Usually you will be asked to vote for 3 icons, in order of preference. But check each voting post in as it may vary.
-> Voting will be in the form of polls.
-> If you vote for yourself, your votes will not be counted.
-> 1st, 2nd and 3rd place as well as Mod's choice will be awarded as long as there are enough entries. Honourable Mentions will apply if there are more than 15 entries (unless there are ties).
-> Banners will be made, by (volunteer) for each place awarded. You do not need to request them specifically.

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