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10 October 2008 @ 22:09
Poll for the new challenge  
I have been very unwell today and almost passed out, so instead of picking a new challenge, I am going to let you vote on what we should have for the first challenge. I am going to list 10 Heroes, some might be considered anti-heroes lol.

Please only choose two options from the poll, thank you. Poll will close Midnight GMT October 12th. Do not worry if your hero does not win, I am sure he will end up in a challenge sometime!

Don't forget that the Edmund Bertram challenge is still running!

You are welcome to comment with suggestions for future challenges on this post too

Poll #1276379 Vote for two Heroes only
This poll is closed.

Vote for two heroes

Mr Edward Rochester
Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy
Dr Who
Horatio Hornblower
Captain Frederick Wentworth
Severus Snape
James Bond
Mr Gilbert Markham
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Spikes Bintspikesbint on 11th October 2008 02:15 (UTC)
Thanks, I am awake when I should be resting. I got really dizzy and if I hadn't been near my bed I would have been a heap on the floor, it was horrible, never felt like it before, but I am anaemic at the moment and I was tired as I had been out shopping.

Great Suggestions, I think at some point I shall compile a list for challenges so I can keep a track. My daughter mentioned Robin Hood, I have several versions of RH, but I want to wait until I have the old Errol Flynn version of it too :D